Silver-plated rescue knife



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The 440 stainless steel survival knife has a drop-point profile

It is resistant to dullness and easy to sharpen.

The blade has a liner lock to protect against unwanted knife assembly.
A special disk is provided on the blade for one-hand operation of the knife.

At the end of the handle is a glass hammer.

The knife also has a blade for cutting car belts.

The back of the polymer handle is covered with an anti-slip texture to provide a sure grip and make it difficult to accidentally knock the knife out of the hand even in difficult weather conditions.

The knife has a clip for secure carrying in your pocket or belt.

The special disc allows you to open the knife with one hand.

It is covered with anti-reflective coating.

Extremely functional and indispensable model in any car.


Essential in every car
Liner lock to protect against unwanted knife assembly
Rammer for glass
Rescue knife parameters:

Folding rescue knife
Material: Stainless steel type 440
Spearpoint: Spear point
Lock liner lock
Additional blade for cutting car belts
Rammer for glass
Anti-Reflection coating, blackened
Extra thumb support
Steel clip for carrying in pocket or strap
A disk for quick opening