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2020 Expedition Santi Find The Eagle – Report

The 2020 expedition team. On 9th March 2020 the “Santi Find the Eagle” team returned to harbour from their latest expedition. The voyage in March experienced adverse weather conditions, with 7 m waves and high winds, but much was achieved in the five days at sea. Their mission is to find the legendary Polish World [...]

Expedition Santi Find The Eagle 2019 – Report

From 31st July to 8th August 2019, we managed to accomplish another expedition searching the ORP ‘Eagle” wreck in the North Sea within the"SANTI Odnalezc Orla" project. Loading and transport of the necessary equipment was carried out without any major problems. Early, on 29 July, in the morning we started the first stage by moving [...]

Expedition season in 2019 started

It sounds unbelievable, but in a few hours we set off for the first search for Orla this year! But from the beginning...... A year ago, as the Santi Odnalezc Orla, we were in cooperation with the #SeaWarMuseumJutland and its boss and founder Gert Normannem. It turned out that the areas of search for our [...]

Expedition “Santi Odnaleźć Orła” postponed for next year

Expedition “Santi Odnaleźć Orła” postponed for the next second quarter of 2019. On September 28, 2018, we made a difficult decision to stop the expedition and postpone it for next year. It was dictated by fatal weather conditions which did not allow us to start hydrographic research aimed at verifying the hypothesis that the reason […]

Another expedition of Polish searchers of the ORP “Orzeł” submarine begins.

Another expedition in search of the wreck ORP 'Eagle' will set out to the waters around Great Britain and Denmark at the end of September. Poles from 'Santi Odnaleźć Orła' will explore an area of nearly 600 square kilometres in the North Sea. Just like last year, they will check one of the hypotheses according [...]