Expedition “Santi Odnaleźć Orła” postponed for next year

Expedition “Santi Odnaleźć Orła” postponed for the next second quarter of 2019.
On September 28, 2018, we made a difficult decision to stop the expedition and postpone it for next year. It was dictated by fatal weather conditions which did not allow us to start hydrographic research aimed at verifying the hypothesis that the reason for the sinking of the Polish ship was the bombing of a British aircraft. The expedition was to set off from the Danish port of Thyborøn on board the ship M/S “NEMO A”.

After arriving in Denmark on 24 September 2018, we installed on board the chartered vessel “Nemo A” specialized search equipment supplied by the Maritime Institute in Gdańsk, and then we were waiting for an improvement in the weather enabling us to leave the port. The plan for the two-week expedition was to search 600 km² of the seabed, in the vicinity of a position located more than 100 nautical miles east of Scottish Edinburgh, where in June 1940, according to one of the hypotheses, a fratricidal attack of a British aircraft on the Polish submarine “Eagle” was to take place. The pilot of the plane, as a result of a misidentification of the submarine, considered it an enemy unit and probably sank it.
The decision to stop the expedition was extremely difficult for us, because we were well prepared for it. However, the almost 5-metre waves occurring during the attempt to leave the port
Not only did the research not start, but they even posed a threat to the life and health of the ship’s crew and our team. In this situation, the decision to stop the expedition was the only reasonable solution,
and the financial resources saved in this way will be reinforced.
A week spent in the Danish port was not a lost time for us. It allowed us to strengthen the previously established cooperation with the owner of the local Museum of the Battle of Jutland and at the same time the discoverer of the resting place of fifteen submarines – Gert Normann. In addition, we established contacts with local fishermen, which resulted in gaining further potential positions, on which the wreck of our ship may lie.
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