Expedition season in 2019 started

It sounds unbelievable, but in a few hours we set off for the first search for Orla this year! But from the beginning…… A year ago, as the Santi Odnalezc Orla, we were in cooperation with the #SeaWarMuseumJutland and its boss and founder Gert Normannem. It turned out that the areas of search for our Orla coincide with those who are also studying. Then We were assured that in 2019 we would be able to participate in their Expedition. #GertNormann turned out to be verbale and I rounded up on a large research ship M/S Vina in Thyboron, Denmark, the port from which we started a year ago. The ship is truly impressive, we have all the hydrographic equipment necessary to identify wrecks, and the size of the ship gives us a chance to work even in the big wavePrior to us 5 days of search. The Danes have the positions of 15 hundred wrecks of interest to us. And the aim of this year’s searches are 3 submarines: Dutch O13, British HMS Thamesi our Polish ORP Orzel. Wouldn’t be better -)) routes you can search for herrings here ://wwww.vesselfinder.com/…/VINA-IMO-7712896-MMSI-220474…Weather forecast Completely planned to go out to sea tonight keep your fingers crossed, this time….


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