Another expedition of Polish searchers of the ORP “Orzeł” submarine begins.

Another expedition in search of the wreck ORP ‘Eagle’ will set out to the waters around Great Britain and Denmark at the end of September. Poles from ‘Santi Odnaleźć Orła’ will explore an area of nearly 600 square kilometres in the North Sea. Just like last year, they will check one of the hypotheses according to which the Polish boat was mistakenly sunk by a British plane.

This is already the fifth expedition of Poles. So far, they have been setting off from Great Britain and the Netherlands. This time the searchers will leave Denmark. Poles will sweep the waters in an area located 100 miles from Scotland and 200 miles from the coast of Denmark. Poles want to check if on June 3, 1940 “Eagle” sank forever due to “friendly fire”, i.e. fratricidal attack of British aviation.

The team led by Stachura has been systematically searching for ORP “Orzeł” for several years. Starting from 2014, it organizes annual expeditions under the name “Santi odnaleźć Orła”.

In June 2017, Poles managed to bring the mystery of the disappearance of another boat closer to the solution. Poles encountered the wreck of the British submarine HMS “Narwhal”.

Z for reasons not explained to date, ORP “Eagle” disappeared with the entire crew in the North Sea in 1940. (Photo Facebook/Santi Find the Eagle)

The Polish team hopes that in connection with the meeting with the families of British seafarers in January, the information about the search for the Eagle will also be disseminated. “Perhaps someone will remember some detail about the Eagle that will help us in our mission,” he said. This time, however, they count on Danish fishermen and their knowledge.

The British media are interested in the search for Poles and a possible confirmation that a British plane sank a Polish ship by mistake. The next expedition is reported, among others, by service.

“We looked through the reports and we know that the RAF recorded the incident at the time when the Polish ship was killed. German records suggest that they did not lose any U-Boots at that time. We are very determined to succeed and find a Polish submarine” – quotes Piotr Michalik from “Santi Odnaleźć Orła”.

The team of divers, historians, hydrographs, as well as filmmakers organizes expeditions for ORP “Eagle” from 2014. (Fot. Facebook/Santi Odnaleźć Orła)


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